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Solo Performer

Performing solo with backing tracks

Party Duo

Performing as duo "Splash" with live piano / keyboards - acoustic or with backing tracks

Live Band

Live band - "The Fuse" fronted by Tori on lead vocals

Solo Vocalist


Solo Vocalist

Performing as Tori Louise...

Over 350 songs in the repertoire

Tori is an outstanding, lively performer - never failing to get a party going. With a large, varied repertoire, she has something for everyone.

Check dates / availability

Get in touch now to check Tori's availablity and get a quote for your venue or event. 

Party Duo - Splash


Splash - Party Duo

Tori also works alongside her fiancé, Dave as a keyboards/vocals musical duo.

International Duo

As the duo Splash, Tori and Dave have completed various contracts around the world - on board cruise ships and in hotels. When back in the UK, they regularly perform at holiday parks, hotels and events such as weddings and birthday parties.

Visit Tori and Dave's duo website for more information about their duo 'Splash' or to check their availability. Also take a look at their showreel videos below.

Live Band - The Fuse


Live Band - The Fuse

7 piece live band, The Fuse.

International Party Band

Featuring Tori on vocals and Dave on keyboards - The Fuse have performed long contracts around the world, including China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Bahrain, as well as cruise ships around Europe. 

Visit the band's website for more information or take a look at the showreel video below.